Joe Mcmahon Avatar
Joe Mcmahon

This facility has the best manager ever. She has a bumbling personality,and cares about every one thanks Amy - 9/15/2018

Joe Mcmahon Avatar
Joe Mcmahon

Norgard has the best site manager by far. Recently she organized a trip to Osaka for lunch. What a great trip. Thank you Amy Howard please never leave us. - 10/13/2018

Michael Deflorin Avatar
Michael Deflorin

Hi I'VE been here for eight or nine years the people are nice we always have events going on, stores are close by plus food shops plus your own laundry machines in every apt plus we have games plus a wonderful staff that runs the building come and check it out and tell them Mike sent you and recommend this place it is nice. - 12/05/2018

Inez Henry Avatar
Inez Henry

I am in my 17th year of living at Norgard Court. I truly love living here. It is like a family of diverse people, all willing to help at any time. Our Office Manager, Amy Howard, is the best!! She is so caring of our needs. I was very ill recently and she checked on me daily and made sure my needs were met. I couldn’t recommend living here any higher! It really is HOME! - 10/13/2018

Sally Colline Avatar
Sally Colline

- 4/12/2016

Julie Wilson Avatar
Julie Wilson

A beautiful facility, amazing people, and an engaged community! - 11/11/2019